Carpet has been making a comeback in the last few years. Carpet is appreciated for its warmth and its ability to soundproof a room. Area rugs are also popular, adding a touch of colour and life to hardwood, ceramic or laminate floors.

At Emard Couvre-planchers you are sure to find the right colour, style and texture of carpeting to please you, with over 25,000 CHOICES! You will also find over 100 area rugs in our showroom, and more in our catalogue. Or why not have a rug custom-made just for you based on any model we have in the store – that’s right, made-to-measure according to your taste and decor!



Did you know that carpet – contrary to popular belief – is known to improve the air quality of a room? It holds dust until the next time it gets vacuumed, whereas smooth surfaces allow dirt to spread throughout the house. Carpet is a good option for people with allergies, as long as it gets vacuumed regularly!

Would you like to get carpet? Here are some things to consider.

Area Rugs and CARPET

Carpet is a great idea if you have a home-theatre room. Sound will be confined there, reducing resonance in other rooms. Acoustics will be greatly improved, particularly if you opt for dense carpet with high quality under padding.

The warmth of carpet makes it the ideal floor covering for basements. Brighten up dark spaces with pastel colours like pale yellow. Most carpet is treated in order to resist staining, so be sure to find out about what kind of protection the carpet includes. Contrary to smooth floor surfaces, carpet keeps feet from slipping, and nicely muffles the sound of teenagers running down the stairs two at a time.

If you spend a lot of time standing in a particular room or workplace, consider investing in an anti-fatigue mat specially designed to reduce fatigue in the legs and feet from prolonged hours of standing in one place.

You’ll also find a vast choice of styles and colours in grass rugs, which are ideal for concrete steps, balconies or around the swimming pool.

Rugs and carpets have so many uses, it’s impossible to name them all here. Come and speak with an advisor at Émard Couvre-planchers. He or she will be happy to help you find the carpet or rug that blends beautifully with your decor.

Area Rugs and CARPET


Once you’ve opted to install carpeting in a room, the only thing left to do is choose it! There are many different kinds of carpet.

Short loop (synonymous with the famous Berber type) or very short loop carpet (used in commercial carpets, for example) is very resilient and good for areas with a lot of circulation, such as entrances or stairs.

The luxurious feel of plush carpet is easily recognizable underfoot. The softness comes from its dense fibres and level surface. Family rooms and living rooms are ideal spots for plush carpet – or why not the bedroom, for that high-end hotel feeling?

Textured carpet has a beautiful, nubby appearance, and does well in high-traffic areas. But don’t let that stop you from putting it wherever you want – textured rugs are beautiful anywhere!

Padding is often overlooked, but makes all the difference in the longevity of your carpet. It also makes it more comfortable to walk on. Padding under an area rug does all of these things and keeps it from moving.

Rugs and carpets come in a wide variety of styles and qualities. Be sure to speak with your advisor at Émard Couvre-planchers for help in finding just the right carpet or area rug for your taste and budget.