Très chic, ceramic brings richness and flair to any room. Long lasting and easy to maintain, ceramic adds style and refinement to any decor, whether for floors, walls or countertops.

Émard Couvre-planchers offers OVER 5600 MODELS OF CERAMIC in-store and in many formats – the biggest selection of ceramic in Quebec! No matter what look you’re going for, our experts can help you create the decor and ambiance you desire.




Ceramic floors are appreciated for their robust nature, able to withstand intense wear and tear, humidity and even fire. But not all ceramic tiles are created equally. Porcelain is more resistant and offers a better rate of absorption. Why not find out more about the best ceramic option for you? Ask your Émard Couvre-planchers advisor before choosing your ceramic.


Ask an Émard Couvre-planchers advisor about the international PEI rating of the products that interest you. These ratings indicate which tiles to buy according to the purpose and location. For example, the delicate ceramic you install in your bathroom, where you usually walk barefoot or with slippers, would not be suitable or robust enough for a commercial entrance. Before investing time, money and labour, make sure to choose ceramic tile that’s a good fit for the location.

CERAMIC Flooring


Glass tiles are usually very small. They lend themselves well to a kitchen backsplash that becomes the focal point in the room. If you would like to use glass tiling in the shower stall, remember it gets dirty and scratches fairly easily. If you still can’t resist the temptation, you can save yourself some cleaning by using dark, water repellent grouting.

It’s fairly common for budding renovators to improvise on installation, but beware: ceramic floor tiles are one of the most difficult coverings to install. Unless you are really an expert, it’s best to confide this task to a professional – or at least use professional installation products. You won’t have as much waste, and you should get more long-lasting results. Don’t hesitate to find out about our ceramic installation service.

Natural stone is gaining more and more in popularity. Stone has many of the same qualities as ceramic tile, but requires slightly more maintenance because of its finish, which is natural and often irregular. It’s usually advisable to apply sealant. Natural stone tiling can be installed on a variety of surfaces, and adds remarkable charm and warmth to a room.

No matter what type of stone interests you, come and speak with one of our advisors who can make a few suggestions from among our 6000 quality products, originating from well-known, reliable manufacturers from every corner of world.


Great! You’ve chosen your tiles! Apart from all the details involved in preparing your surface, you also have to think about grout – that visible line that joins the tiles together.

First of all – colour. Pale? Dark? Contrasting? Monochrome? It depends on the effect you want to create. Remember though: white grout looks dirty faster and doesn’t stay white for long…

It is also important to let your Émard Couvre-planchers advisor know where you want your flooring installed: in which room and on what surface. Not all grouts are water repellent or stain resistant. For a bathroom or shower stall, it is essential to first install waterproof lining to prevent water infiltration.

Are you ready to take the next step? Come visit our 6000-square-foot showroom to browse through the beautiful choices. You can’t help but be inspired!