Easy to maintain and very resilient, laminate flooring (floating floor) is an economical choice, both for purchase and installation costs. With ever-evolving technology, laminate now comes in a multitude of faux-finishes and colours that lend themselves beautifully to any decor, modern or classic.

If you’re looking for high-grade materials for a fraction of the price, laminate flooring is for you. Come by Emard Couvre-planchers to see our 200 choices in-store. And while you’re at it, have a chat with one of our experienced advisors. They’ll be happy to guide you through every step of your project – from finding out what you need to ensuring the expert installation of your brand new flooring!


Which laminate flooring to choose?

Floating floors come in a huge variety of quality and styles, from entry-level flooring to stratified or laminate. Some luxury homeowners even prefer floating laminate or hardwood stratified flooring for its resistance to wear-and-tear, staining, and discoloration from UV rays. If you have pets, we suggest you opt for satin-finish flooring in textures that are scratch-resistant.



Basic, entry-level floating floors (i.e. 8 x 45-inch planks) are first generation laminate. They are very affordable, but their resemblance to real wood is less convincing. Stratified or laminate is higher end (4 x 45 inch planks) and needs to be installed plank by plank, which creates a more natural effect. Today’s stratified or laminate is far more resistance to wear-and-tear and impacts than traditional hardwood. Floating floors are essentially divided into two categories: AC3 (level 21-31) passes the Taber test at over 2000 rotations and lends itself well to residential use, whereas AC4 (level 22-32) resists over 4000 rotations in the Taber test, making it ideal for both residential and commercial floors. Talk to one of our expert in-store advisors at Émard Couvre-planchers. They’ll be pleased to inform you about the different qualities of floating floor on the market, and will help you choose the right one for your project!



Made up of high-density particleboard, laminate floors have long been singled out for formaldehyde emissions. But here’s the good news: manufacturers have taken consumer concerns to heart, and are now offering new products responding to E-1 European norms. These products have passed tests to certify that the VOC (volatile organic compounds) emitted is not harmful to our health.

These quality products should be considered for every living and work space, but particularly in places like the children’s bedroom or playroom, since youngsters are more sensitive than adults to chemical products of this type. A lot of melamine and particleboard furniture is made without compliance to E-1 standards.

Your Émard Couvre-planchers advisor will be happy to lead you to the floating floor products that respect environmental standards: all you need to do is ask!

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Laminate floor covering is a choice that is economical and long-lasting, scratch-resistant and easy to maintain! It can be installed in any room except the bathroom.

Before visiting the store, make a note of every aspect of the room where you would like your laminate flooring installed. In other words, take note of the location in the house, the amount of sun that hits the floor, the purpose of the room, amount of traffic, etc. Providing these details will help us recommend the type of floating floor best adapted to your needs.

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