Bois Franc Lavallée now “Lavallée Couvre-Planchers”


THE SUBURBAN – Wednesday May 27th 2021, Montreal, Qc.

« It is with great pride that we officially announce the completion of our two companies’ merge. With this affiliation, we are now seeing our vision come to fruition and our expertise span grow day by day. With the market on a constant evolution, we follow its dynamic, adapt and innovate to respond to the clientele’s needs. With both our branches and our online shop, we can cover a great territory and with the knowledge of how to create a remarkable experience for our customers. » – Paul Emard, President.

The business association is a recent decision of Emard Couvre-Planchers, a company established in Laval since 1959, also owner of the Kirkland’s branch for the past 5 years. With a redefined customer experience, an expanded offer of several collections of basic entry products and luxury products, a welcoming and up-to-date atmosphere, the option of shopping and purchasing online with our virtual store and, above all, the ease of access to relevant and complete information for customers, you will be well served when it comes to flooring or staircases, whether in the Laval area and its surroundings or in the West Island.


August 2001 is the start of a new adventure for a young, visionary and determined entrepreneur. With his head full of dreams and ambition, Steve Lavallée, passionate about construction and renovation, created the company Bois Franc Lavallée. Evaluating the West Island clientele, he then opened a storefront on Hymus boulevard, in Kirkland.

The predominantly English-speaking clientele in the area have several ancestral home renovation projects and demand is on the rise! The first years of Bois Franc Lavallée proved to be prosperous despite fluctuations in the market. Gradually, the company forges its grounds and gets renowned as a reference for floorings of all types.


Starting a business comes with its challenges and unforeseen events and Steve uses his creativity to recover from the toughest blows. In addition to his professional network, his family comes to give him a hand. His godmother and his brother support him in the company’s daily activities. Funny fact? One of the first delivery vehicles was an old refurbished ambulance. Coming to the rescue of the renovation projects!

Years go by and it is with ardor and passion that the company continues to grow and take a significant market share in the flooring industry. Unlike any other retail field of activity, competitors recognize Bois Franc Lavallée as an important retailer in the field and an ally among them when time gets tougher than normal.

Time goes by. 18 beautiful years as a qualified entrepreneur with undeniable expertise, Steve dreams of new projects though his heart is divided with the future and the company he built. His network supports him and offers him advice and a clearer understanding of how the future could be. It is then in 2016 that Steve passes on the reins to the direction of Emard Couvre-Planchers, a company with the same vision and values.

For 5 years now, Emard Couvre-Planchers and Bois Franc Lavallée have been working together to offer a 360 degree service and incomparable expertise to meet growing customer demand. The product line extends from: ceramic collections, vinyl floors, laminates, hardwood, engineered wood, carpet tiles and everything for your stairs and woodwork.

By expanding its range of products and wishing to offer a more homogeneous experience as Emard Couvre-Planchers, Bois Franc Lavallée has renovated its space and its customer approach. The company is delighted to now carry the name of Lavallée Couvre-Planchers.

Discover their renovated showroom, bright, spacious and perfectly suited to allow you to shop comfortably and smoothly.

Visit Lavallée Couvre-Planchers at 16 895, boul. Hymus, Kirkland | 514 630-9663 |

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