In recent years, we rediscover the carpet. It is appreciated for its comfort, its heat and its ability to soundproof a room. The carpet has a place in any decor, adding a touch of color and life to hardwood floors, ceramic or laminated floors.

At Emard Couvre-Planchers, you’ll have plenty of choices to find the right carpet style, color and texture among MORE THAN 25,000 CHOICES! We also have more than a hundred area rugs in demonstration and several others in catalog.


If you have a home theater where you’d like to install a carpet, the noise will be more confined in this room, reducing the resonance. The acoustic qualities will be greatly improved, especially if you opt for a dense carpet with a quality under-pad.

The warmth of the carpet makes it an ideal floor covering for the basement. Dare pastel shades, like pale yellow, to illuminate a dark room. The majority of carpets are treated against stains, find out about their protections!

Unlike a smooth surface, the mat prevents feet from slipping. Not insignificant also to reduce the noise caused by a teenager who runs down the stairs four by four. If you spend a lot of time standing in a room or a business, consider buying an anti-fatigue mat, specifically designed to alleviate foot and leg fatigue normally experienced after long hours of standing.

You will also find a wide selection of models and colors of lawn mats, ideal for concrete steps, the balcony or the outline of the pool.


Once you have chosen to install a carpet in a room, just choose which one! Different types of carpets exist.

Short loops (the famous Berber carpets) or very short (commercial carpets) are suitable for very intense traffic areas, such as entrances or stairs, and are very resistant.

The plush is easily recognizable under the foot. Very sumptuous because of its packed fibers and its flat surface, it is soft and rich. The soft toy is used in the living room, the living room or the bedroom, to believe in the hotel from the jump of the bed!

The twisted fiber carpet has a beautiful curly appearance and is suitable for areas where traffic is intense. But nothing prevents you from installing one in a room less crowded if you have a crush! Often neglected, the carpet pad is needed to extend the life of your carpet, making it more comfortable. Under an area rug, the carpet pad also works wonders by preventing it from moving.

Carpets and area rugs are offered at a wide variety of prices depending on the range and style. Talk to your Emard Couvre-Planchers’ adviser: he or she will propose you the area rug or carpet which correspond to your tastes and your budget. And this, with great pleasure!