Question What are your advices for a wooden floor in the bathroom?
AnswerA high presence of humidity or water characterizes the bathroom spaces. Hardwood floors should be protected from excess moisture and splashes. This is why a hardwood floor can be installed only under certain conditions and with certain precautions in a bathroom. Pre-oiled or engineered floors will be preferred for these spaces.
Question What floor covering should you choose for a heated floor?
AnswerSeveral floor coverings can be installed over a heated floor. Ceramics are definitely the most frequently installed over heated floors due to their cold surface. We can also install vinyl flooring, engineered wood, etc.
Question How to install a heated floor?
AnswerHeated floors are installed in different ways. The important point is essentially the uniform spacing between the wires which will allow constant heat and long-term underfloor heating performance. It can be installed using templates sold by manufacturers, or from a membrane base which ensures the uniform distance between the wires but also in many cases a separation of the sub-floor surface which could be slightly mobile. It will then be mandatory to spread a layer of cement over the wires to protect them and also to create a mass of heat.
Question Do we still use varnishes for hardwood floors?
AnswerVarnishes for hardwood floors are very varied. Several generations and characteristics differentiate them. There are also pre-oiled hardwood floors which have very interesting resistance characteristics for places where falling objects, scratches or heavy traffic will take place.
Question How to choose hardwood floor?
AnswerHardwood floors are essentially the same as any other flooring in a home. The characteristics of colors, width of planks, visuals different from one species of wood to another. We must also take into account the technical points characterizing it:

– On what surface will it be installed? plywood, OSB, other surface or concrete?

– Where will it be: basement level, ground floor, first floor?

– How important is the traffic on the floors of the occupants?

– Will there be risks of falling objects, presence of water or humidity?

Question Does engineered wood turn yellow over time?
AnswerEngineered and solid wood can turn yellow over time. The factors of color change for hardwood floors are the oxidation of the wood as such or the color change of the varnish. Both are caused by exposure to sunlight and the open air, or certain contaminants.
Question Can we sand engineered wood floors?
AnswerEngineered wood floors can only be sanded deeply if installed nailed, stapled, or glued. If floating, it can only be lightly sanded and refinished on the surface.
Question What is the difference between solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood floors?
AnswerEssentially, solid hardwood floors represents the original ancestral version of hardwood floors in Quebec. It is installed nailed or stapled only. Engineered hardwood floors are the next generation of hardwood floors. It allows a higher percentage of use of the trees, a much better stability of the product and much larger dimensions of the boards. It can be installed nailed, stapled, glued, or floating.
Question When should you sand your hardwood floor?
AnswerA hardwood floor should be sanded when its surface reveals bare, damaged wood spaces, or when a new visual is desired. A change of color, level of gloss or only to refresh an old yellowing varnish are the usual reasons for floor sanding. Finishes like a new stain, a new varnish or an oiled protection protect the wood and ensure better durability.
Question How to fix a scratch on a hardwood floor?
AnswerA scratch or all types of breakage can be repaired on hardwood floors. It is possible to replace one or more boards most of the time. In the case of pre-oiled wood floors, local sanding and the addition of oil will usually be sufficient. For extreme breakage, deep sanding and re-finishing may become necessary.
Question How to get a stain off on a quartz counter?
AnswerDepending on the nature of the stain and the quality of the surface, there are different ways to restore a counter. Using a specialized cleaner and / or sealer recommended by the manufacturer will usually be the first steps. Polishing the surface could also become the solution.
Question How to make black quartz shine?
AnswerApplying a suitable sealer recommended by the manufacturer or polishing the surface will be the usual ways to restore the shine of quartz, granite or marble.
Question How to install ceramic tiles?
AnswerInstalling ceramic tiles requires special tools, adhesives, grout, and techniques. The advice of competent and trained people is the first point to consider. The quality of the ceramic is obviously essential, but its installation will remain the most important to ensure a good longevity.
Question Which trowel should I use to install ceramic tiles?
AnswerSeveral trowels exist for the installation of ceramic. Depending on the surface, the format of the tiles, and the preference between a professional or occasional tool, a choice will have to be made.
Question Is linoleum or vinyl floor still trendy?
AnswerRoll vinyl remains popular in homes and commercial locations due to its wide variety of patterns and colors, strength, ease of maintenance, and high performance guarantees. Linoleum remains the original biodegradable product which is still made from natural components such as linseed oil, wood flour, jute, various color pigments.
Question What are the differences between vinyl flooring and laminate flooring?
AnswerVinyl and laminate floors can have floating installation. However, there are several points that differentiate vinyl and laminate floors. They are hard-wearing, easy to maintain, and usually have long warranties. The main difference between the two product groups is moisture and water resistance. Depending on the qualities and their designs, care precautions and where to install them are to be considered.
Question What are the differences between a floating floor and a laminate floor?
AnswerThere is frequent confusion in these popular terms used. For tradespeople, well-trained sales consultants and flooring professionals, a laminate floor is traditionally composed of very high density compressed wood dust (HDF) covered with a film (image) and a layer wear with aluminum oxide. It is then cut into planks or tiles, a “click” anchor is made in the factory, and it is installed floating on an underlay. Some new technologies have recently been added to wood fibers to make the product more water resistant. A floating floor represents a group of products that can be installed floating. Laminate is one of them, but also vinyl in rolls or modulars, engineered wood, cork, carpets.
Question How to install a floating floor?
AnswerA floating floor is installed deposited only on the sub-floor. It will not be glued or anchored on this sub-floor. It can be deposited on an underlay or not. “Click” type anchors often characterize this type of installation, but are not mandatory depending on the stability or design of the products.
Question What types of flooring do you recommend for a basement?
AnswerThe floorings recommended for rooms in a basement must withstand a higher level of humidity than the others. Vinyls, high quality laminate floors, engineered hardwood floors, carpets are the most used among the recommended choices.
Question What types of flooring do you recommend for pets?
AnswerThe flooring recommended for resisting pets varies depending on several points. The size of the animal is the main characteristic to pay attention to but also the risks of urine on the ground and the maintenance of hair loss. The advice of a professional in a specialized store will enlighten you for a wise choice.
Question What types of flooring do you recommend for an ecological and responsible environment?
AnswerSeveral floor products have responsible environmental characteristics. The noblest will leave less traces on our planet both in terms of its manufacture, its components used, the energy necessary for its manufacture, transport to the place of its installation, the decomposition time when it will be discarded, its possibility of recycling it. For each need, there are different products to consider. The advice of a professional in a specialized store will enlighten you for a wise choice.
Question What are the advantages of the tile carpet?
AnswerSeveral advantages exist for carpet tiles. The resistance of the product, the warmth underfoot, the soundproofing, the ease of transport and installation, the ease of maintenance are the main positive points.