A personalized sculpture… at home!

Without speaking about its usefulness, that is to say the union from one landing to another, the staircase, in its geometry as well as in the use of finishes, manifests its presence and undoubtedly defines the general appearance of the house. Variety of shapes, warmth of materials, refinement of details, subtlety of shades and colors make each creation an exclusivity that affirms your good taste.

At Emard Couvre-Planchers, we firmly believe that all those who participate directly or indirectly in the manufacture of your staircase, the architect, the designer, the craftsman, the carpenter, respect this almost tacit convention that a staircase is in itself a real sculpture.

Our photo banks allow you to familiarize yourself with the options, but nothing better than coming to discuss them with an expert in store. Bring an existing photo of your staircase and surrounding rooms, we can use this as a basis for exploring new designs and styles, just for you!

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