More trend than ever, the ceramic floor dresses a room in an incomparable way. Durable and easy to maintain, the ceramic adds style and sophistication to any decor, whether used on floors, walls or even countertops.

Emard Couvre-Planchers offers MORE THAN 5,600 CERAMIC MODELS in stores, in several sizes: the largest selection of ceramics in Quebec! Whatever look you’re looking for, our experts will help you create the décor and layouts you dream of.


The ceramic floor is appreciated for its resistance to wear, moisture and burns. But not all tiles have the same attributes. Porcelain is stronger and has a better absorption rate. You should therefore consult your Emard Couvre-Planchers adviser before choosing.


its strength and durability. Ask an Emard Floor Coverer for the EPI international wear ratings (between 1 and 5) of the products you are interested in: they indicate how much traffic a tile can withstand. The delicate ceramic that you install in your bathroom, where you walk barefoot or in socks, may not be suitable for the entrance of your business! In short, before investing time, money and labor, be sure to choose a tile adapted to the traffic of the place where it will be installed.


Glass tile is often very small. Its use is very suitable for kitchen backsplashes, which quickly become the point of interest of a room. If you want to use glass tile as a shower cover, know that it is particularly messy and scratches more easily … If you succumb all the same, the use of a dark grout waterproofed will save you a little cleaning.

Although many aspiring renovators become installers, ceramic tile is one of the most difficult floor coverings to install. Unless you are really an expert, hand over this task to a professional or, at least, use professional installation products. This will result in much less material loss and much longer life. Do not hesitate to inquire about our ceramic installation service.

Natural stone tile is gaining popularity. Possessing substantially the same qualities as ceramic tile, it requires a little more maintenance because of its natural finish and often irregular. The use of a sealer is therefore most often recommended. The natural stone tile is installed on many surfaces and inevitably adds a sober and warm charm to a room.

Whatever type of tile you like, talk to one of our advisors. He will be able to suggest one of our 6,000 quality ceramic products, all of which come from reliable and recognized manufacturers from around the globe.


That’s it, your choice of tiles is done! In addition to all the details you have to adjust to the preparation of your surface, we must also think of the grout, the visible part that joins the tiles.

First, the color. Blade? Dark? Contrasting? Monochrome? It all depends on the effect you want to create. Be aware, however, that white grouts get dirty very quickly and that they will not stay white for a long time …

It is also important to tell your Emard Couvre-Planchers adviser about the room and the area where it will be installed. Some grouts are water-repellent or stain-resistant, others are not. For installation in a shower or bathroom, the application of a waterproofing membrane is essential to prevent water infiltration.

So, ready to take action? Breathe in our showroom of more than 6,000 square feet. You will leave no doubt very inspired!