Easy to maintain and very resistant, the laminate floor is an economical choice, as much by its purchase cost as its cost of installation. Technology continues to evolve, it is now offered in a multitude of faux finishes and colors, which allow it to be well suited to any decor, modern or classic.

If you are looking for the effect of noble materials for a fraction of the price, laminate flooring is just right. Go to Emard Couvre-Planchers to consult our 200 CHOICES in store and do not hesitate to contact our experienced team. They will be happy to guide you through all the steps of your project, from the definition of your needs to the installation!


Floating entry level floors (8 “x 45” boards) are the first generation laminated floors: they are offered at very low prices but their resemblance to real wood is much less convincing. More upscale than the first generation (4 “x 45” planks) some are installed per board, which creates a much more natural effect. Today’s laminate flooring is much more resistant to wear and impact than hardwood floors. Laminate floors are essentially divided into two categories: The first, AC3 (Class 21-31) , passes the Taber test at over 2000 rpm and is suitable for residential use while the second, AC4 (class 22-32), withstands more than 4000 rpm and can be used for both residential and commercial use.


Made of high density agglomerated wood particles, laminate floors have long been singled out because of the formaldehyde that escapes from them. Good news: Many manufacturers have heard consumer concerns and now offer products that meet the European E-1 standard, which certifies that VOCs (volatile organic compounds) they release are not harmful to health.

Think about this type of product at all times, but even more for a baby room or a playroom frequented by young children, more sensitive than adults to this type of chemical, which is also found in large numbers melamine or laminate furniture.


The laminate flooring is an economical and durable choice, abrasion resistant and easy to maintain! It settles in all rooms, except in the bathroom. Inventory all aspects related to the room where you plan to install a laminate floor before going to the store (sunny or not, location of the house, intended use, occupants, etc).