Birch hardwood floor | Collection Solid Classic 5 in

Birch is characterized by its fine and uniform grain, giving the floor a smooth and homogeneous appearance. Its natural shades range from reddish to golden brown, often enhanced with lighter shades of blonde. This wood has the particularity of darkening and patinating over time, visually enriching the floor. This gradual evolution adds a unique, warm charm to each board, making birch a popular choice for elegant interior designs.

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Why this flooring rather than another?

  • Strength and durability: This type of floor is distinguished by its robustness and its ability to last over time.
  • Ecology and cost:Hardwood birch flooring is not only less expensive, but also more environmentally friendly, being made of tropical forest hardwood.
  • Aesthetics: Birch has a fine, uniform grain with a rich color varying from reddish to golden brown, darkening over time for an even warmer appearance.
  • Finish: It accepts stains and finishes well, allowing for easy customization to fit various interior design styles.
  • Maintenance: Easy to maintain with regular cleaning and protection against scratches and humidity, birch flooring can maintain its beauty for many years.

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