The popularity of the hardwood floor does not go away. This versatile floor covering guarantees an excellent return on investment and gives a lot of warmth to a decor. But it is easy to get lost in the multitude of species, grades and finishes offered. Trust a professional from Emard Couvre-Planchers to guide you; he or she will help you make the right choice … for a long time! At Emard Couvre-Planchers, you will find some 2800 STYLES OF HARDWOOD FLOORS including the biggest brands, at highly competitive prices. Our experts will take the time to understand your needs in order to direct you to the hardwood floor that suits you and to give you, if you wish, the installation done by experienced installers. To shop at Emard Couvre-Planchers is to give yourself all the tools you need to get your hands on a durable, impeccable hardwood floors at a fair price.


All tastes are in nature, they say. But our team knows that you should not overlook some practical aspects that can make you love (or hate) your floors. Here is a preview.


As is the case in painting, pale colors enlarge a room, while dark colors do the opposite. We will choose these if we want to create a rich and enveloping effect, while not forgetting that dust will be more visible.

Side species, we have the choice between traditional species, such as oak, beech, hickory, ash, maple, birch, walnut, etc., and exotic species, such as Jatoba, mahogany , sapelli, tigerwood, mahogany santos, etc. The biggest difference is in price.

Less expensive, nuanced grades have more knots, while higher grades are almost free of them. Our team will be happy to demystify these aspects with you, since the names of grades are the same for all manufacturers, their description varies greatly.

The cork can be an interesting choice since in addition to being ecological, it can be installed easily as a floating floor, is very comfortable and warm for the feet, soundproofing and its durability is equivalent to that hardwood floor. Its maintenance is easy since it is easy to apply a conditioner to revive its gloss.

And what about exotic woods offered at low prices? We are suspicious. Often it is poor quality wood, which has not been well prepared for installation. Curlings, cracks and even darkening may appear … Better to pay a fair price and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Finally, know that we offer, at Emard Couvre-Planchers, excellent Canadian hardwood floors, such as maple, oak, birch, ash and beech – harder – and therefore more durable than some American woods such as walnut and cherry. Buying local can be a very interesting option!


Traditionally, solid hardwood adorned the floors of our Quebec properties. But the appearance of engineered hardwood changes the game and opens up new possibilities.

Solid hardwood is an organic natural material; in this it can undergo the changes caused by the environment. The hardwood planks that will make up your floor must have been properly dried and acclimated to your home before installation to avoid bulging and cracks … That said, a hardwood floor purchased from a competent manufacturer and installed in the rules of the art will cross the time smoothly.

Engineered hardwood is, for the most part, made of layers of dense plywood arranged in a crisscross pattern and glued together, then covered with a thin layer of solid wood. To the naked eye, it is impossible to detect that it is not solid solid wood planks, but its design makes it much more stable, allowing it to be installed in places where solid hardwood can not venture (kitchens, around the fireplace, in the basement or directly on the concrete).

Increasingly in demand, the three-quarter-inch thick engineered hardwood floor is even more stable than the regular one. Practical, it is the same height as the noses and can also be sanded if it is worn. It is also very environmentally friendly because it contains three times less hardwood than a regular hardwood floor.

Spend a chat with one of our in-store advisors: he or she will analyze your needs to determine which one, between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, is the most suitable for you.


If we love shiny floors, we turn to high-gloss finishes, not to mention one thing: on a surface almost as smooth as glass, scratches may appear more over time.

The size of the boards is a question of look … and price: the wider boards are the most beautiful effect, but their price is higher, as is the case for boxes with a larger amount of long boards.

The varnish choices have changed a lot. Very durable water-based coatings are now available and several more environmentally friendly options now exist, such as oiling, which provides a very soft and natural finish to your floor.

Oiled wood floors are popular these days. Ecological, since the oils used are 100% natural, these floors do not need to be sanded and then refinished because a simple regular maintenance is enough. Oil can be applied as needed to the busiest areas.

In short, whatever your questions, do not hesitate to visit us and chat with our team to your team. It will enlighten you on all these aspects … and more.