The bigger the better! The #1 trend this year is large-format ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Big, square 24X24-inch tiles are popular, as well as very large rectangular tiles. Long ceramic tiles are also in fashion, in 8 by 48-inch format or 18 by 36 inches.

Glass tiles are still in vogue and part of the clean, uncluttered look. A backsplash with very small glass tiles (1 and 2-inch) catches the light and adds a glamorous effect to your kitchen or bathroom.

As for colours, natural hues have it. Taupe, beige and warm greys add softness and warmth to any decor.

Another recent trend: 3D ceramic wall-tiles that create a strong visual impact while being very affordable. These tiles give any room a sculptured, head-turning look.

At Emard Couvre-planchers many of our sales advisors are trained in interior decorating, and know the latest styles and trends. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice in finding the best products, colours and formats of ceramic tiles for your room.