In need of inspiration to create a trendy bathroom or revitalize your hallway or kitchen? Let’s surf together the ceramic design trends from across the big pond to here. Ready for an epic virtual journey?

As we’ve always observed, design, decoration and fashion trends emerge unequivocally from our European neighbors. These trends drift soon or later towards us with their splendor to brighten up and refresh our interiors.

What should we be expecting? The “queens of imitation” tiles and large-format ceramics.

Ceramic and Tile 2021 Trends

As European climates are somehow different from ours, we can observe that our neighbors have no restraint in using ceramic for all surfaces. The effects do create atmospheres that are as complex as minimalist, and above all, breathtaking!

Imitations of marble, wood, Burgundy limestone, metal or concrete

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We are familiar with the endless options of imitation of marble, wood, metal or of concrete ceramics. But, when it comes to the Burgundy stone imitation, our neighbors are charmed by the version. We have discovered that real stone has a limestone and sedimentary base which can take on various appearances due to spots, veins and sometimes fossils which may be apparent in the rock. Also, depending on where it comes from, North or South of the province, from which it takes its name, it can be more or less yellow, ocher, white, pink or even bluish.

Large format Ceramic Trend 

Sticking to our most popular imitations, we invite you to dive into the 2021 Ceramic Trend: large-formats! They are indeed simply sublime by their size, textures and their neutrality of earth colors. See the work of Italian designer Matteo Thun who creates decors that are both simple and harmonious.

Photo credit : Mirco Toffolo

Source : Toffolo

Source : Designboom

Large format Ceramic Marble imitation

Source : Decoceram

When pictures are worth a thousand words, we are simply speechless when it comes to describing the realism that today’s technologies can achieve. The final results can now recreate all the felted dimensions of real stone. The innovation never ceases to amaze us. Do you know about 4D printing? Scroll down. You’ll be stunned…

Source : Cercantile

Large format Ceramic Metal imitation

Source : Pinterest

Would you have guessed that this flooring was ceramic? We were equally awed. Often with a lappato finish, these types of ceramics add luster and definitely shine to any surface.

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European Discovery: the DYS program (for) Design Your Slab

Photo credit : Graniti Fiandre 

Photo credit : Graniti Fiandre 

Photo credit : Graniti Fiandre 

The DYS program, or rather “Design Your Slabs”, is a new technological service from the Italian company Graniti Fiandre which allows any image or illustration to be reproduced on specific ceramics. Designers, architects and artists from this European region can now let their imaginations run wild. Who wouldn’t envy them?

Our Favorite Large-format Ceramics 

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