Trends announced at the beginning of the year are confirming, others are taking shape. The major novelty for the coming year: the strong comeback of the 70s and 80s. An overview of the 2024 decor trends.

In January of last year, I titled my article on 2023 trends “No more restraint!” and concluded by saying, “Welcome to the era of maximalism.”

Well, the year 2024 will continue in the same vein. No return to minimalism, on the contrary, the decor will be flamboyant. But there will be a significant return: that of retro, in a happy blend of objects, shapes, and colors from the 70s and 80s.

Without further ado, let’s see what will be in vogue in 2024.

Echoes from the disco era

The 70s and 80s were vibrant, a flashy and festive era. Perhaps in response to the gloomy years of the pandemic, or maybe in response to a decade of minimalism, decor will enter a more playful and vibrant retro cycle. The blank canvas of the 2010s will instead become a Rothko. We will no longer be in restraint but in exuberance. Like in the 70s and 80s, colors will be vivid (I’ll come back to this shortly), primary geometric shapes (squares, circles, triangles) will unfold everywhere, and contrasts will be honored (imagine a backsplash made of small white tiles adorned with red grout). Even the disco ball, neon lights, and chrome will make their triumphant return!

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Vibrant primary and secondary colors

In 2023, deep colors like abyss blue, forest green, or classic burgundy were in fashion. In 2024, colors will lighten up, displaying their most vivid brilliance. Primary colors – blue, yellow, red – reminiscent of the 80s, will take center stage (see IKEA’s 1984 catalog cover for reference). Secondary colors – orange, purple, green – will also be prominent. Whether primary or secondary, the colors will be vibrant and bold, in their simplest expression, not “toned down” by gray. These colors may be found on the walls (for the bold), but especially in furniture and accessories.

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A warm white (and more natural materials)

In 2024, white will remain, but instead of its cold, bluish, and sanitized appearance of the last decade, it will warm up. Without leaning towards beige or cream, white will simply have a bit more… yellow. Just a hint, just enough to make it warm. To enhance this warmth, the focus will be on touches of wood (light or dark) and accessories made of natural materials (raffia, jute, or rattan).

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Even more rounded and organic

The 2010s were characterized by straight lines and squared-off looks, almost laboratory-like. The trend towards curves had been emerging in recent years, but it is undeniably present in all designs today – and it will be even more so tomorrow. Tables and chairs already showcased curves last year; mirrors, lamps, sofas, sectionals, and even kitchen islands will adopt organic shapes next year.

Photo Credit : Romain Ricard

More patterns, but with a touch of kitsch

Patterns were predicted in 2023, and the experts were not mistaken. Large-scale floral patterns, mid-century wallpapers were mentioned… These patterns are not completely out, but the 2024 trend will lean towards kitsch – the one attributed to the 70s and 80s. Less “grandmotherly” patterns will be mixed and multiplied without reserve, both on walls and furniture, on carpets and in decorative accessories and artworks. Simple geometric shapes and imitations of animal skins will fit together seamlessly, layer upon layer. A bit like the 70s and 80s, but in a 2024 fashion.

Photo Credit: ONDECORstore

Opening photo: Romain Ricard


Julie Deslauriers is an actress, stylist, decor columnist, and an eco-conscious mom. You’ve probably seen her in “Chambres en Ville” or other shows, right? Alongside her acting career, Julie has developed another passion: decoration.

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