Is linoleum, formerly called prelart, a distant concept for you? Well, here is the new information about this flooring. Far from being like its original version, linoleum is now a trendy, practical and ecological floor covering.

One of our suppliers, Forbo, is the manufacturer of the very popular Marmoleum Click Cinch LOC. At Forbo, this collection is the only one designed for residential projects.


What is the composition of this floor covering? Natural materials make up the latter, which makes it an ecological solution! More specifically, this floor covering is made from linseed oil, pine resin, wood flour, limestone and pigments.

Health benefits

  • Marmoleum does not release VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • This floor covering is CO2 neutral.
  • The Marmoleum is made from 43% recycled material.
  • Marmoleum Click Cinch LOC does not contain phthalates or plasticizers.
  • The pigments in this collection of ground covers do not include heavy metals.


  • Linoleum is durable.
  • The Marmoleum collection is of superior quality.
  • Marmoleum flooring has anti-static properties as well as bactericidal properties.
  • LEED points are earned for using the Marmoleum Click Cinch LOC flooring.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Marmoleum Click Cinch LOC is a floor covering requiring a medium to high investment since it is part of the medium to high end products.


Today, hot welding with joints is no longer necessary. A new technology has been developed, the fitted seam, which is just as efficient, water-resistant and hygienic for hospital environments. In addition, the clean seam reduces costs and the time required to install the linoleum floor. Most ? The aesthetics are improved. Sewing therefore seems much less than the old method. Transition moldings are still necessary for spaces of 200-250 square feet.


All Marmoleum floors have Topshield2 protection. This protection prevents everyday tasks and damage. This will keep the same appearance much longer. However, if damage occurs, it can be repaired. Once the scratch is repaired, it’s hard to see it in the linoleum.