Forget that image of linoleum flooring that covered your grandmother’s basement! Today’s vinyl flooring is tasteful and visually pleasing, and does a great job of imitating high-end materials such as ceramic or wood.

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Vinyl flooring is certainly economical. It’s also easy to install and remove. But just as with any home decorating or renovating project, it’s better to consider all the facts before making your purchase. Here are a few questions to think about to help you choose the vinyl floor covering that is right for you:

VINYL Flooring


Vinyl floors are very comfortable under foot, and are economical to buy and install. In fact, installation is fast and easy no matter which format you choose: vinyl sheet (roll), tile or plank. Vinyl flooring is resilient and extremely easy to maintain.

People often confuse vinyl with linoleum, which is made of natural materials such as linseed oil, resins, burlap, etc. In fact linoleum is one of the greenest floor coverings around! Depending on the purpose and the amount of circulation in the area where it is installed, linoleum demands more maintenance than vinyl. Also, linoleum sheet is more complicated to put down and requires professional installation.

Both vinyl and linoleum have a long lifespan – up to forty years if properly installed. The robust nature of these floor coverings makes them ideal for homes with children or pets.

VINYL Flooring


Different types of vinyl finishes have different levels of resiliency and maintenance. Traditional, no-wax vinyl is the most affordable. It is stain resistant and easy to clean, although slightly less than urethane vinyl. Both finishes keep their original shine and require no polishing or rubbing. For a superior finish, look to the much-improved urethane vinyl, which is even more scratch resistant than the other vinyl. If you’ve got pets with claws at home, urethane is the vinyl floor covering for you.

Can’t decide? Come by and see an advisor at Émard Couvre-planchers – our professionals can help you make the right decision so you will be proud of your floors for years to come!

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