Forget the vinyl floor that disfigured your grandmother’s basement! The vinyls are today of a breathtaking aestheticism, dazzlingly imitating noble materials such as ceramics or wood.

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Yes, vinyl floors are economical, easy to install and remove. But, as is the case for any project of decoration or renovation, it is still better to think before acting. Here are some ideas to help you choose your vinyl floor.


Very comfortable underfoot, vinyl flooring has a cost of purchase and installation economic since its installation is easy and fast, whether one opts for the wallet, the tiles or the boards. Vinyl flooring is very durable and its maintenance is extremely easy.

It is often confused with linoleum, which is for its part made of natural materials (linseed oil, resins, jute …). It’s one of the greenest flooring ever! Depending on the wear layer chosen and the level of circulation of the location where it is installed, it requires more maintenance than vinyl, and the installation of linoleum sheets must be done by professionals.

Vinyl and linoleum both have a lifespan of up to 40 years if properly installed. Their great resistance makes them ideal for homes with children or animals.


The vinyl finish has an impact on its strength and maintenance. Vinyl without traditional wax is the most affordable. It is stain resistant and easy to clean, but less than vinyl urethane. Both retain their original brilliance and require neither polishing nor rubbing. For a superior finish, we turn to improved urethane vinyl, more efficient than the previous two and more scratch resistant.

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