Are you tired of the all-white and sleek interiors that we’ve seen everywhere for so many years? The 2023 decoration trends will delight you.

This year, we forget the sanitized minimalist decorations, we make way for color and exuberance.

No doubt the pandemic has something to do with this change. Spending more time at home than ever before, many wanted to make their interior a place that resembled them. Which reflects their personality. Which contrasts with the gloom of recent years. Who feels the joy of living.

From now on, we appear without restraint. The time of less is more is over. Make way for more is good.

Here are the major decoration trends for 2023.

Accessories and other decorative elements: Our featured story

While past trends wanted to limit accessories and other decorative elements to almost a minimum, this year, they are displayed without complex. Personal items, in particular, are popular. Trinkets, sculptures, travel souvenirs, family photos, collections of cups, spoons or butterflies, it doesn’t matter: display these little treasures that have a story and that “speak to you”, like a cabinet of curiosities well organized. Go there abundantly. What, after years of minimalism, you’re out of artifacts? Go to dinner with your parents and take a detour to the basement after dessert… You will surely find some decorative nuggets there.

Photo Credit : Dixon Rye

Exit the Scandinavian look, all white is out

Ode to rich colors! Exit the Scandinavian look, all white is out. We don’t replace it with beige, greige or grey… The white remains but, in 2023, we’re injecting a good dose of colors that give our decor a pop. We dare to color the star wall of a room, two walls if we feel like it, and/or we opt for accessories and furniture in rich colors. The trend is indeed for deep colors, which contrast with white – pastels will surely come back into fashion one day! Think abyss blue, forest green, classic burgundy or burgundy. With a few touches of rust or mustard yellow, for a little sparkle.

Photo Credit : Clarke & Clarke

Biophilic Design: Plants, plants and Plants

Another color is making its grand entrance into our homes: natural green. “Natural” as in “indoor plants”. A phenomenon that started last year but is gaining even more momentum this year, small jungles are in vogue. The trend has a name: biophilic design. In short, we bring nature inside. It is known, plants have a beneficial effect on our physical and mental health, and the pandemic is certainly no stranger to this new passion. Those with a green thumb will want to create an interior garden, a plant wall; those who don’t have it will opt for an assortment of indestructible pothos and spider plants. Again, here, more is good, and cuttings are highly recommended.

Photo Credit : Hilton Carter

Long live curves, curved shapes and sofas with rounded contours!

Another decorative trend for 2023: curved shapes, which can be found in furniture as much as in architectural elements, such as arches. Organic form par excellence – perfectly straight and perpendicular lines do not exist in nature – the curve also, in its own way, brings the outside inside. You will therefore see many sofas with rounded contours, oval kitchen tables, circular living room tables appear in your favorite decoration magazines… And you will see more and more of them.

Photo Credit : Crate&Barrel

A festival of patterns, oversized flowers and playful wallpapers

Always in the spirit of more is good, the patterns are in the spotlight this year. They are tall, colorful, exuberant. And, above all, we mix them! Various geometric shapes on the cushions and rugs, oversized flower mural, playful wallpaper evoking the jungle: pretty much anything goes. We said it from the outset, the year 2023 marks the end of detention. Welcome to the age of maximalism.

Photo Credit : Jeweled Interiors

Opening Photo Credit: Graham & Brown


Julie Deslauriers is an actress, stylist, decoration columnist and eco-friendly mom. You have surely seen him in Chambres en Ville or other shows? Alongside her career as an actress, Julie has developed another passion: decorating.

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